Psychology in media today is present unbeknownst to many consumers, viewers, and readers alike. Whether attempting to persuade a potential buyer to purchase a new product, sway a political view, or simply portray phenomena present in our society, advertising executives, writers, producers and other media professionals use psychology to advance their personal and professional goals. My goal with this blog is to discuss a wide range of psychological principles present in everyday media and inform readers of tactics and concepts they may have previously overlooked. Many current television shows and movies have provided a glimpse into psychology ranging from criminal investigations and the profiling of criminals to addiction and other psychological disorders, from anorexia to schizophrenia. I am excited to explore aspects of psychology I have learned about in textbooks and apply them to new areas that coincide more closely with popular culture and media. I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology, so I am particularly fascinated by all things “abnormal”. I enjoy doing things from diagnosing people in my life with mild personality disorders to watching the new show on TLC about conjoined twins, “Abby & Brittany”.  I hope to delve into topics ranging from the competitive nature our society has come to accept, exemplified in movies like “Mean Girls” and “The Joneses”, the TV psychologist phenomenon that consists of therapy sessions on live TV a la Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew, and even the psychological aspects behind current events like the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises”.


4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. This is such a prevalent topic, and it’s crazy how easily we, as viewers, get sucked into the bias of the media unknowingly. When I hear psychology in media, I immediately think of commercials and advertising techniques and some political news channels, but I never really thought about psychology behind current events until now. I am intrigued to see the science you uncover and the elements of psychology to which I myself have succumbed.

  2. I absolutely love the topic you chose! I have a minor in Psychology and like you, am very intrigued by the “abnormal”. What is “normal” anyways? I am especially interested in reading about your analyses of current events and the TV psychologist phenomenon. I cannot fathom how people can talk about their grievances on live TV, I know I certainly wouldn’t be able to.

  3. I am really excited to hear what all you have to say in upcoming posts. Being a psychology major myself and having hopes of working in the field, I too am enthralled by all things “abnormal.” I’m interested to see which pieces of media you choose to analyze and what stance you take on them.

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