My definition of art is more traditional, however I can appreciate more modern points of view. I generally believe that art is any creation that is “beautiful” or requires skill to produce. I do understand more progressive perspectives that define art as anything that evokes thought, but for me personally, many advant garde works fail to induce innovative thought. I appreciate historical works of art more than abstract art, and I think this contributes to my definition. I enjoy looking at older pieces and understanding the time period in which it was produced or the particular region or person it depicts. To me, defining art occurs on a case by case basis and is different for everyone. I may enjoy a work of art that another person thinks is total garbage and vice versa. The definition of art is not black and white, but much more blurry and definitely open to interpretation.

I chose the Lilly Pulitzer store in Southlake, TX as my work of art. Although a clothing store is definitely an unconventional work of art, I think this particular store’s interior design qualifies. Not only is the store functional, but also beautifully bright and cheery.  Bright colors are associated with higher levels of happiness (and lower levels of depression); happy people are more likely to find art containing brighter colors aesthetically pleasing. (Baumeister) This is one of the many factors that contributes to what individuals define as art and what they enjoy viewing. The store features multiple murals and tons of intricate details and undoubtedly required plenty of time and skill to create. Each dressing room is unique and contains stylish furniture and hand painted walls; one even has a montage of brightly painted cowboy boots. The designers of the store took the location into consideration when planning by including regional details and combined them with the brand’s prints and mediums to create an innovative new store. They took things traditionally associated with Texas, like cowboy boots or big hair, and incorporate them into the design. Prints and patterns from the Lilly Pulitzer collection are artfully mixed to complement each other and create a unique scene. The context of this work of art is available to any shoppers who happen to wander in, however it has also been featured in local interior design magazines and on the Lilly Pulitzer blog. Media allows the art of the Southlake store to be available to viewers anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the internet.
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