The Psychology of Twitter

First it was MySpace, then Facebook, now the current “it” social media network is Twitter. A place where users can find tweets with topics ranging from world events and news to what your co-worker is eating for lunch, although meal time sharing may be more frequently used on Instagram. Twitter, like most other social media sites, allows users to post anything that comes to mind and serves as a place to update your friends and “followers” on your daily activities, opinions, etc. Users also have the capability to “retweet” messages posted by other users, enabling their followers to see the message. This is without a doubt one of the most unique features of Twitter when compared to other social media sites. Users cite interesting content and humor as the largest reasons they retweet. (Bennett) If someone else makes an interesting cultural anecdote, the retweet capability allows you to show your followers that you too identify with this funny message without having to plagiarize. Retweeting also helps spread news. For example, Hurricane Sandy victims used Twitter to communicate and sometimes even received news via Twitter faster than more traditional news sources could report information. The reports of the missing Aggie Football player, Thomas Johnson, were also spread quickly. The local news, KBTX, has a twitter account and tweeted about the status of the investigation and the successful discovery of Johnson at his home in Dallas. I believe that another factor in Twitter’s popularity also has to do with the amount of users. If none of your friends use Twitter, the social media site is less fun. But as more and more friends start using Twitter and start making references to something a celebrity tweeted, the more you want to use it.

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